Planning a funeral can be a very difficult time for those involved, with many different decisions needing to be made at a distressful and emotional time. Whilst when you have lost a loved one this planning process is never easy, there are steps that can be taken to help with it. These can be split into two stages, pre-planning and final-planning.

In order to make the planning of a funeral easier, there are several things than can be thought about earlier on in the process. These include: whether a cremation or burial will take place, who the funeral director will be, the type of casket or cremation container to be used and the location of any service which will take place. Information for the obituary can also be gathered in advance. For the service itself things such as flower arrangements, photo displays, music, readings, transport (including funeral cars) and whether or not there will be any pallbearers can also be planned.

Final-planning stage arrangements can only be carried out after the death of a loved one. Things that need to be taken into consideration here include: obtaining a death certificate, getting a burial permit, organising an ambulance transfer, body preparation and embalming and the submission of the obituary. The time and date for the service will also need to be finalised at this stage, with someone responsible for letting friends and family know all the details.

Joseph C Roberts are an independent family funeral director, serving families throughout West and North Yorkshire. Our qualified staff members are available 24 hours a day, enabling them to assist you when it suits you best. For more information about any of our services please get in touch at any time by calling 01423 887824.

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