Dealing with a death of a loved one can be an incredibly difficult time. As well as the emotional side of things there are also the practicalities of arranging a funeral which need to be taken into account. At Joseph C Roberts we have been helping people who have loved a lost one for many years. During this time we have noticed that different people deal with the death of someone close to them in different ways. This means that whilst it may be tempting to compare how you are handling grief to other people, it is not helpful to do so. Everyone has their own way of reacting to death.

After the death of a loved one it can be really helpful to talk to someone about it. This can help the healing process by talking about your own feelings – perhaps with a close friend or family member. It is important to remember that you should decide when you are ready to talk. It should not be a forced conversation, rather one that is instigated when you feel comfortable to discuss things.

It can also be helpful to realise that there is no perfect way of dealing with death. Everyone experiences the feeling of loss differently and there is no time limit to feeling better again. It is important to give yourself time to grieve and heal and you should not put yourself under any sort of pressure to feel better within a certain time.

Joseph C Roberts are an independent family funeral director based in Harrogate, Yorkshire. Our qualified team of staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help families with every step of the funeral arrangement process. For more information about the funeral services we provide, please get in touch when you are ready on 01423 887824.

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