Using a funeral director can seem an expensive outlay, especially at a time which is very difficult emotionally and when there are already many different things which need to be taken care of by close family or friends. However, employing a funeral director means that they will help you throughout the entire funeral arrangement process, with many different services included within this fee.

One of the reasons why a funeral can seem expensive is due to the number of elements involved. These can include the cost of removing a body and transporting it to the funeral director’s where it will be stored until the day of the funeral. In addition, there is the dressing of the deceased on the day of the funeral as well as the coffin costs and the transport to the place of the service. There are also the costs of the service to consider which will include for the space itself as well as an officiant or clergy fee, flowers and any service stationary which is prepared.

As well as these costs, depending on the type of funeral they will also be a burial or cremation fee which needs to be paid and charges for other optional items such as a funeral notice and death notice in a local newspaper. If you decide to use a funeral director they will also be able to help you with other necessary paperwork such as obtaining the death certificate and producing order of service sheets or copies of the readings. Many people choose to use a director due to the peace of mind it gives them that all of these different aspects are being taken care of by a professional and that everything will run smoothly on the day of the funeral.

Joseph C Roberts are a family funeral director serving West and North Yorkshire. We help families who have lost a loved one with every step of the funeral process. For more information about the services we provide, please get in touch when you feel ready by calling 01423 887824.

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