A pre-paid funeral plan, allows you to plan and pay for your funeral in advance. This means that after death your family will not need to arrange for payment of the process or make so many decisions about the funeral arrangements. The fee usually covers both the costs of a funeral director as well as the burial or cremation charges. There are many different kinds of plan available and when choosing one it is important to check exactly what it includes.

Pre-paid funeral plans are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. As well as reducing financial and emotional pressures on close family members during the bereavement period, they also safeguard against rising price costs. The fee that is paid is protected against any increase which may occur between the payment and the time of death.

Another benefit of a pre-paid plan is that you can record in writing any personal wishes that you have for the funeral itself. This can help to ensure that you are remembered in the way that you desire, whether this be with a special piece of music to be played, a reading, a specific type of coffin, or any other unique tributes personal to you. Not only can this be comforting for you to know, it can also help family members feel confident that the funeral arrangements are what you would have wanted. It also means less decision making for them during this difficult time.

Joseph C Roberts is an independent, family run funeral director based in Harrogate. Our qualified staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist families through every stage of the funeral process. For more information please call us on 01423 887824.

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  1. It’s interesting that you mentioned that one advantage of a pre-paid plan is that you may put any specific requests you have for the funeral itself in writing. For my late uncle, who died away last week, I wish to engage a funeral home service. I appreciate the data on pre-paid funeral services, and I’m hoping I can locate a suitable one in these trying times.

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