A new report conducted by doctors and other professionals has shown that there is a huge disparity between the care provided by funeral companies, with some failing to take care of bodies in adequate refrigeration or storage.

Most people are unaware that the funeral industry is unregulated and as thus, the standards vary massively from company to company. There are about 7,000 funeral companies in the UK, two-thirds of which are independent, mainly small firms. The rest are operated by two corporate providers, the Co-op and Dignity.

The report shows that whilst costs have come under scrutiny recently, lots of people are not sure about what they should expect as standard from a funeral director.

The report also showed that Only one in five individuals considered more than one company when arranging a funeral, and 92% did not know funeral directors were not regulated, according to a survey carried out for the report. The selection of a funeral company was often made under pressure of time.

As a result, many agreed that they wanted their loved ones to be cared for in a professional manner but that they would not ask those questions (they would expect it) at the time of picking a funeral director.

At Joseph C Roberts, we talk to people about the care the bodies will get in our mortuary. We discuss with the family how they would like their loved one presented for the day and continually upgrade our facilities to ensure the care of the bodies is at the forefront of our minds. We believe that care for a human carries on whilst they are no longer alive and do everything we can to make it the most comfortable environment for the bodies.

If you are looking for a funeral director who cares for your loved ones in clean and professional surroundings, offering a high-level service for a good price, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team at your earliest convenience.

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