Almost every industry in the world is trying to go greener and the funeral industry is the same.

In the funeral industry, companies are evolving new, more environmentally conscious means of carrying out a funeral. Methods include burial methods that more purposefully benefit trees and plants, as well as casket technology that dissolves more rapidly into the ground. However, what actually counts as a green funeral is still up for some discussion with some things in a green funeral actually not being that green at all.

It has been reported that the standards set in the funeral industry for green funerals are not at the same levels of green standards in other sectors and industries. For example, a casket takes up a lot of space, cremation burns fossil fuels and if a body was embalmed, the chemicals would end up in the ground. Now burying a non-embalmed body in a decayable casket might from the outset look like a much greener burial option than traditional methods. But it is not by much and thus can something be classed as green if it is only slightly better?

There are however some things which are being done which might not be open to everyone but certainly constitute a green funeral. Burying the remains in cocoon-like sacks beneath newly-planted trees, wherein the deceased become sustenance for the tree is a green way of laying a body to rest. Another method is alkaline hydrolysis (also known as bio-cremation, resomation, flameless cremation, or water cremation), in which remains are cremated without flame using chemicals instead (this method is not legal in many countries).

At Joseph C Roberts, we can help you try and get the greenest funeral we can if being green is important to you, your family or was your loved ones wish. There are things which we can also do to try and make it as green as we can, but we will always discuss every option with you so that you understand the full impact of a funeral on the environment.

If you would like to discuss any funeral arrangements with us, please do not hesitate to call in to our high street location or give us a call today.

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