The recent emergence of the Covid-19 Coronavirus has understandably caused serious concern globally, particularly amongst the elderly.

The UK government is doing their best to update the public with advisory information, primarily advising to self-isolate if you are over 70 and to call the NHS 111 helpline if you believe you are experiencing symptoms and finding it difficult to cope.

Very little has been published about what do if you find yourself in the tragic position of losing a loved one to the Covid-19 Coronavirus. People in Italy have experienced difficulties in finding funeral directors that are prepared to handle their requirements.

Joseph C Roberts will respond positively to anyone who loses a loved one to the Covid-19 Coronavirus. We are able to offer this guarantee because we are in the best possible position to do so for the following reasons:

  • Our team is headed up by Jonathan Robinson, who has been formally trained in combating Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare.
  • All of our team have had careers in the emergency services or the NHS and are used to dealing with high risk infection control.
  • We have huge stocks of personal protection equipment (PPE) ensuring the deceased will be handled safely whilst providing a service focussed on the highest levels of respect, dignity and care. We have always had the PPE, this is not something we have stocked up on since the Covid-19 Coronavirus emerged, we are often called to assist the Police and HM Coroner with sudden deaths which could be as a result of road traffic collisions, suicide or the discovery of the deceased after lengthy periods of time.
  • In 2017 we commissioned and built a “state of the art” mortuary where we care for the deceased in the best possible conditions. We will isolate the deceased and care for them in refrigerated conditions until the risk of infection has passed.
  • We have, within our mortuary facility hygienic preparation rooms where we can prepare the deceased in the best possible conditions for family viewings, cremation or burial.

If you find yourself in need of the services of a professional funeral director who is able to handle Covid-19 Coronavirus victims, you could not be in better hands. All of the deceased who come into our care following diagnosis of Covid-19 Coronavirus, or a suspicion of the same, will be handled in strict compliance with The Royal College of Pathologists Guidance for Care of Deceased During Covid-19 Pandemic