A direct cremation is the most simple cremation available. It’s a cremation at its quickest and simplest with no funeral service, or ceremony performed beforehand. It’s sometimes also known as a cremation without ceremony

Following the passing of a loved one, we will attend the hospital and bring the body into our care. The body goes straight from our funeral home to the crematorium to be cremated in either an oak or mahogany veneer coffin, complete with engraved nameplate. After the cremation, the remains are returned to the family, to be kept or scattered according to their wishes.

What does a direct cremation include?

A direct cremation offers a simple option. It doesn’t include any pre-funeral ceremony or formal funeral.

Basic features:

  • We attend the hospital and bring the body into our care in our funeral home.
  • The body goes straight from our funeral home to a crematorium of our choice and is cremated when convenient for the crematorium
  • This eliminates the need for embalming or any other preparations for the body
  • We provide either a high quality mahogany or oak veneer coffin
  • The cremation takes place at a crematorium chosen by us, the date and time cannot be chosen, although we will advise you when the cremation appointment has been made.

Why choose a direct cremation?

A no fuss funeral doesn’t mean no fuss send-off. There are multiple reasons people opt for a direct cremation for themselves or their loved ones.


Direct cremation can offer people a dignified, simple send off, which is appealing to those who don’t feel the need for a formal, ceremonial funeral service.
Many people are deciding that it suits them and their families better to have a celebration or send off at a place of their choosing, at a time and date that works best for them. A direct cremation offers the freedom to do so.


Direct cremation also appeals to people who are unconcerned by a traditional funeral service and all the trappings that go with them. The continuing rise in funeral costs is a concern and not everyone wants to have to spend a lot. It’s easy to understand why there is such a difference in price. With direct cremation, the most expensive purchases are avoided, preparing the body, extensive transportation and a funeral service.

There’s no need for hearses and limousines, embalming, formal service, officiant’s fees and no additional purchases like flowers and orders of service to pay for with a direct cremation. It’s a cheap funeral service in cost but we maintain the highest levels of respect, dignity and care.


With traditional funerals, there are certain time constraints on holding a funeral service as the disposition of the body has to take place reasonably soon after death.

Direct cremation, allows you to give your loved one a send-off or ceremony when you want to, in whichever way you choose, without being tied to a timeline.

It also means you don’t have to be constrained by tradition or ceremony type – you are free to say goodbye to your loved one in whatever way best suits you with a post-funeral service.

There are plenty of options to personalise a service, many of which don’t have to take place at a funeral.

An increasingly popular choice

Already, cremation is the most popular choice of funeral. 73% of all funerals in the UK are cremations and of these, the number of direct cremations is growing. Cost is often not the driving fact, most people will remember  the musician David Bowie didn’t have a funeral either – his body was cremated in New York without any of his friends or family present.

Reasons why people choose direct cremation

Beyond cost, there are many more reasons why people choose a direct cremation, either for themselves or for a loved one.

  • Simple and dignified – If you want the minimum of fuss, this is a simple yet dignified option. Increasingly people are saying “I don’t want any fuss, no funeral service, just put me in a box and take me away”
  • Less constraints – The simplicity of a direct cremation leaves you free to organise a separate celebration of life or memorial service in any style or place you choose.
  • Inclusive – For those who aren’t religious or have friends and family with varied beliefs, a simple, direct cremation followed by a personal celebration or memorial service could mean more to everyone than a traditional funeral service.
  • Time to reflect – With more time to plan a gathering or celebration of life, being able to properly plan a suitable time when family and friends can come together to remember the life of a loved one is easier. And that will make it extra special.
  • Less upsetting – Seeing a coffin and knowing a loved one is inside can be difficult for some people, particularly children. Bypassing this step and remembering the person in a different way, can make saying goodbye a more personal and positive experience.

How does a direct cremation work?

Before a direct cremation can take place, there is some paperwork that needs to be completed. Guidance and assistance with the paperwork will be provided.

The cremation will be held at a time suitable for the crematorium and funeral director. The family will not have the opportunity to attend or view the deceased.

The ashes will be returned to the family to do with as they want, or we will arrange to have the ashes scatter in the garden of remembrance at the crematorium, which can be visited by families.

Is a direct cremation for you?

This type of simple goodbye is never going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fine. But it does give another option for planning a funeral in a way that works for you, your loved ones and perhaps your pocket.

Cost Transparency

Attendance at the hospital to bring the deceased into our care at one of our funeral homes, the provision of either a mahogany or oak veneer coffin with engraved nameplate, transport to a crematorium of our choice, the cremation fee, return of ashes to the family – £1195.00

Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the death, the deceased will may require a post-mortem examination. If the deceased is required to have a post-mortem, there will be no additional charges. If no post-mortem is required, there is a legal requirement to have the body examined by two doctors who will complete medical certificate to enable cremation to take place. The doctors’ fees for this total £82.00 which is an additional cost.


Fixed price direct cremation funeral service for £1195.00

Excludes doctors’ fees of £82.00, where applicable.