We are one of the UK’s most experienced conductors of horse drawn funerals have an enviable reputation for conducting both large high profile and small horse drawn funerals, having conducted some of the most high profile funerals in the North of England, often involving media reporting on TV, radio and in the press, council and police traffic management. If you wish to arrange a horse drawn funeral you could not be in better hands.

Increasingly customers are looking for eco-friendly funerals and a horse drawn funeral provides the most eco friendly funeral possible. Not only are horse drawn funerals eco-friendly, they are visually spectacular and provide a journey to your loved one’s final resting place that is both regal and beautiful.

Our traditional horse drawn carriage funerals are a very popular option with clients. They add distinction and elegance to funeral processions, making your loved one’s last journey one that will be forever remembered and cherished. When combined with a funeral fleet it is truly a site to behold.

Our selection of horse hearse carriages pulled by a pair, or two pairs of matching horses offers a prestigious element to the funeral procession. The horse drawn carriage, coupled with our beautiful black or grey horses creates a simply stunning sight, guaranteed to stop the traffic and provide the most traditional of funerals.

The Horses

Our horses are very highly trained, very experienced and enjoy working to the full. The Black and the Grey horses are well cared for and meticulously groomed. The horses can be turned out in a variety of coloured drapes and plumes to meet the customer’s requirements.

The Carriages

Our horse drawn carriages are in pristine condition so that each of our carriages can be used to transport your loved one to their final place of rest. We have black, white and silver carriages available. The carriages look as regal and beautiful today as they did 150 years ago.

The Coachmen

Driving and turning out carriage horses is no small task and requires precision, patience and years of experience. The coachmen who will drive your loved one to their final place of rest are well experienced and ensure the highest standards of turn-out and you can be satisfied the procession and funeral transport will be in the most competent hands.

Horse Drawn Funerals
Horse Drawn Funeral