Losing a loved one can be a very difficult time. As well as there being many things to sort out in terms of the funeral there can also be feelings of grief and loss to deal with too. These can affect people in different ways, however, there are some things that may help with the feeling of loss following the death of someone close to you:

  1. Allow feelings of sadness

Feeling sad is a normal part of grieving. It is okay to feel like this after losing someone.

  1. Talk to someone about how you feel

If possible, try talking to someone you trust about how you are feeling. This could be a close friend or relative or a professional. Opening up and expressing how you are feeling can help you to deal with the different emotions you may be experiencing.

  1. Try to eat well

Although eating healthily may not seem like a priority at this time, ensuring you eat well will help you feel better as well as ensure your body gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay strong.

  1. Follow your routine if possible

Following the death of a loved one, try to include some elements of your daily routine where possible. Carrying out little, everyday tasks, such as watering the garden can help you feel better.

  1. Sleep

Grieving can be an emotional time which can leave you feeling very tired. Listen to your body and allow yourself to sleep if you need to in order to help cope with the emotional strain of the situation.

Joseph C Roberts are an independent, family run funeral director based in Harrogate. We serve families throughout the North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire area, helping with every stage of the funeral arrangement process. For more information about the funeral services we provide please get in touch by calling 01423 887824.

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